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Jifu’s hard-working and innovative quality is unchanged.

At present, the company has a production area of 16000 square meters, with a total number of 140 people, divided into the finance department, personnel department, production department, purchasing department, sales department, product development department and other departments.

Production area
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We have
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What We Have

Main products: door viewer, door handle, door knocker, furniture handle, door stop and all kinds of door hardware accessories.

Production workshop covers die-casting, polishing, automatic, instrument, optical, injection molding, assembly and so on, each link of the independent production has a good quality and quantity, to provide customers with the best services and products.


Our customers

At present, the main market distribution of customers is Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and other places. Customers from more than 80 different countries, including Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Spain, France, Germany, Argentina, Poland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Singapore and other countries and regions.

Company's annual output value

The company annual output value of up to 2000,000 US Dollar, and growing steadily by 10% per year. At present, the monthly output: 1 million 150 thousand / month, door viewer: 500,000 / month, door handle: 600,000 / month, the rest hardware accessories (such as furniture handle, door stop, hinge and so on) up to 300,000 / month. there are 7 production lines, up to 1,520 ,000units /month.


  • 1985.2.14-1990
    Wenzhou xiangyang decoration design factory NO.2 ,lane447,jiefang north road,Wenzhou.
  • 1999-2009-2.07
    WENZHOU JIUF HARDWARE CO.,LTD Shamensi road,wutian town. ,Wenzhou.
  • 2002-2017
    Wenzhou economic and technical development zone jifu hardware co.,ltd NO.48 Yandang road ,wenhou economic and technical development zone ,Wenzhou.
  • 2017-2019
    Wenzhou jifu hardware co.,ltd No.1188 binhai second road ,Wenzhou.
  • 2019-
    Wenzhou jifu hardware co.,ltd NO.47 YANGLIU ROADE WENZHOU BINHAI ZONE ,Wenzhou.
  • Our Advantage

    The you do difference
    You do make customers satisfied all the time via a full range of service, including design service, sourcing solutions, product sampling,research and development, quality,control,certification,delivery and after sales.

    Design service

    Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development. If you have any needs for your new product of wish to make future improvement, we are here to offer our support.
    ·packing design
    ·iimproved product mix

    Product sampling

    One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a new supplier, especially for the first time,here youdo could make sure all goods are what you want via taking the following measures.providing the pre-product samples for confirmation.
    ·mass production starts only after your approval
    ·send you one full set of samples before loading
    ·send you one full set of samples before loading

    Research & development

    Our R&D team keeps developing new items for customers. All over the word to ensure that we keep the follow of new hot selling point. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further.
    ·new product development
    ·features of the different market

    Quality control

    We have a strict standard on raw materials and will proceed more than 6 times inspection during the mass production, including the artificial selective examination and machine upon request if necessary.
    ·raw material
    ·pre-product sample
    ·in-process standards


    As an iso9001 certified company ,JIFU's products have already passed CE,UL,EN1906 test till now and we also have ability  to arrange other relevant and factory audit as your requirement
    ISO 9001


    The effective purchasing and production departments enable us to delivery the goods in timeand the pre production sample confirmation avoids the remanufacturing.


    Working closely with our customers so that we evaluate the succes of our delivered product. We put a lot of hard work into making sure we supply you with the products you want,but we also know, no matter what we do,sometimes, issues to arise. after your goods arrive with you ,we will contact with you to ensure your delivery was received how and when you expected,and also to inquire how the products sold through or were greeted by end-users. your feedback is vital for us to continue to improve.we welcome your comments, both good and bad,and strive to offer altematives or improvements for you future orders.
    ·customers feedback
    ·find the solution for any problems actively