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How to change the door handle

There are many friends whose door handles are broken and they want to change them by hand. However, due to lack of experience, they may not know where to dismantle and what tools to use. Today, the editor will teach you how to change the door handle. Let’s take a look at it now:

Change the door handle

1. First remove the old door handle. The door handle of the anti-theft door is removed from the room, because the two screws that fix the handle are inside, as long as the screws are removed, it will be OK.

2. The disassembly is very simple, open the door, press the outside with four fingers, press the inside with your thumb (you can also let you press outside on this point), remove the screws with a screwdriver, pay attention! When you are about to remove it, press it with a little force, because there is a spring inside, and it will pop out accidentally or hit yourself.

3. After the screws are removed, slowly take down the handle, and then use the open pliers to open the snap ring on the handle and take out the handle. When doing this step, you must pay attention to safety and do not take the time to hurry. Because I don’t have open-end pliers at home, I didn’t do this step, but this step is also very simple.

4. Insert the new handle and fasten the snap ring. At this time, it is basically completed. The only thing saved is that it is installed on you. Install the handle in its original position.

5. Warm reminder: you must be patient when installing, because there is a screw sleeve on the outside handle, the screw must be on the top to install it, the installation is firm, if you feel very expensive, you can find someone to help outside You can slowly install the handle inside, as long as it is the last one, and the other is easy to install. Have you learned?

Post time: Dec-01-2021