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What are the types of hinges? Precautions during installation

Hinges are a common hardware configuration in home life and are critical when installing doors and kitchen cabinet doors. So what type of hinge is it? What precautions? 1. The reciprocating torque of the torque hinge is stable within the movable range and can be stored at will. The range of motion is between 0-180 degrees, and the closing angle can reach 360 degrees. 2. Rotational torque hinge The rotary torque hinge is a door hinge with a large rotation angle up to 360°. At the same time, the rotary torque hinge also has the same advantages as the torque hinge, it can be stuck at any angle, and more people prefer the rotary torque hinge to the torque hinge. 3. Torque inner hinge Torque inner hinge is also a kind of hinge. The torque inner hinge is installed on the other side of the door, and the trace of the torque inner hinge cannot be seen from the outside, which will be more beautiful. At the same time, the torque inner hinge can also be positioned from any angle, and the axis of the torque inner hinge can be installed horizontally or vertically. 4. Literally, the built-in torque hinge has good privacy, no hinge sign when the door is closed. Likewise, when you open the door, you can set the door to any angle. The built-in torque hinge has the advantage of being sturdy and durable. Durable and good quality. What are the precautions for installing door hinges? 1. Before installing the door hinge, you must simply estimate the hinge and observe whether the parts that the hinge must connect are consistent; 2. Check whether the length and total width of the door hinge and the connecting object are appropriate. If it is the same partition, the total interval that should be kept should be the sum of the two minimum intervals; 3. Assuming that the covering distance of the door hinge retainer is reduced, the hinge with the curved hinge arm can be replaced for installation; 4. Check Hinges and connecting screws. Depending on the type of conveyor, choose the largest available size for each hinge; 5. When installing door hinges, ensure that the fixation is unstable to prevent damage to the conveyor or displacement of mechanical objects.

Post time: Aug-11-2022