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What kind of door handles are there

Currently, there are a wide variety of door handles on the market with similar styles but very different prices. However, the doorknob is an indispensable decoration in daily life, because it is not only for better appearance, but also to make your own and your home simpler. In fact, there are many types of door handles. So what kind of door handles are there?
1. Plastic handle: plastic products are used as raw materials, plastics are synthetic polymer compounds, and polymers or macromolecules, generally called plastics or resins, can change the shape and style at will. The plastic handle is manufactured by a plastic machine, and the mold is designed according to the appearance regulations, injection molding, or zinc alloy material components of the supporting facilities are composed of appearance components: spraying, electroplating process, paint, etc.
2. Hardware door handles: traditional hardware products, also known as small hardware. Refers to various metal material components made of aluminum, titanium, steel and other metal materials through physical processing such as calcination, die casting, and laser cutting. Such as hardware tools, hardware components, daily hardware, construction hardware, security supplies, etc. Most small hardware products aren’t the last of the daily necessities. Aluminum alloy door handles can not only save human resources and facilitate daily life in today’s daily life, but also have a strong decorative effect when matched properly. There are still many specifications of aluminum alloy door handles. In our home life, they are generally divided into single-hole and double-hole. In addition, the exquisite ones are divided into: 32 holes, 76 holes, 96 holes, 128 holes, 192 holes, 224 holes, 256 holes Hole, 288 holes, 320 holes and other different specifications, you must remember that the larger the size and model, the higher the price. Copper door handles have good physical properties, corrosion resistance and production characteristics, bright colors, especially forged door handles, smooth surface, good relative density, no pores, sand holes.
3. Wooden doorknobs: Wood is the vast majority of hard fibrous chemicals under the stems and branches of shrubs or bushes. In plants, the composition of cell membranes of different somatic cells changes as plant cells also penetrate into various other chemicals. Common chemicals include stratum corneum, suberin, lignin, mineral elements, etc. Wood is absorbent, it has a great hardness, therefore, the lignified walls both increase mechanical strength and are permeable to water.
4. Rope door handle: With the ultimate pursuit of people’s quality of life and the rapid development of today’s industrial production, the rope has been twisted from the previous several strands to the present two strands, three strands, eight strands, ten strands, twenty-four strands, three strands. Twelve strands, forty-eight strands, to promote the surface texture of the rope to become more and more delicate, beautiful and generous, it can be through one color or mixed colors, the tone is richer, the original is rich, raw materials, hemp, brown, polypropylene silk, polyester silk, Chemical fiber or metal materials such as pure cotton yarn and nylon 8 can be seen everywhere in daily life.
5. Crystal door handle: This is a very popular door handle on the market. Mainly used for door handles in indoor wooden doors, bathroom doors, wardrobes, drawer cabinets, kitchen cabinets, jewelry boxes and other areas. As we all know, crystal gives people a crystal clear feeling, the crystal is firm and not easy to be damaged. It has an icy smooth feel. It’s perfect for a doorknob, especially on hot summer days. It can give a cool feeling.

Post time: Sep-05-2022